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    Nahanni Butte Outfitters - Dall Sheep Hunt

    Does anyone have any experience with these guys? Looking at a possible 2018 dall sheep/mtn caribou hunt with them. Any information is greatly appreciated!! Merry Christmas all!!!
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    Northern BC Moose Hunt

    My hunt was epic!!! Incredible scenery, truly professional guides/outfitter, and fantastic horses. Game was plentiful and high quality. Just an unbelievable adventure.
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    The Wyoming draw date countdown thread!

    I put in for the usual elk area for a type 1 that I haven't drawn in quite some time. Put in for the additional cow/calf for this area as well. I put in for limited quota type 3 whitetail for deer so I have a full month and a half to hunt with my 4 year old son and I put in for a nearly 100%...
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    Northern BC Moose Hunt

    I just booked a last minute cancellation trip to hunt Moose in Northern BC this fall. Hunt dates are 9/12-9/21. I'm curious if anyone has any experience hunting moose in this area (outfitter is based out of Ft. Nelson). I believe the hunt dates are a little on the early side for the rut but...
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    Super Tag Results

    Anybody know of any winners? My cousin drew the Moose Super Tag! I've only heard of one other winner and that was for the Bison. Still haven't heard anything on the Trifecta winner either.
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    Resident Prefernce Points

    All, Please see link below. Looks like there has been some modification to allow for youth/immediate family to apply with applicants that have more preference points to help this situation. Should start some dialogue, positive and negative. I am for a preference point system for WY residents...
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    Wolves in Central WY!

    A wolf was photographed this morning near Lakeshore Drive by Alcova Reservoir. Check out to see the photos. Guys and Gals coming to WY, make sure you are prepared to take care of business in the predator zones here in WY. You never know what you may see this fall and we need to be...
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    Super Raffle Proposal

    This should generate some interesting discussion! I cut and paste the below directly from the G&F PDF which is posted on their website under funding. Super Big Game /Trophy Game Raffle A bill has been approved by the legislature’s Travel, Recreation, Wildlife, and Cultural Resources...
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    WY Mtn Goat Area 1

    Guys, looking for any advice on hunting goats here. Made a scouting trip the past couple days. Saw 4 Nannies and 4 kids, no billies. Very crowded highways with tourists and motorcycles. Looks like there are a lot of ATV trails and some trailheads for hiking in. Just looking for some good...
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    WY Sheep and Mtn Goat Tag in the same year....A Good Problem To Have?

    Yes, the thread is correct, I have a very very very serious problem. I drew both a Bighorn Sheep tag for Area 22 AND a Mtn Goat tag for Area 1. Now of course the dilemma is which animal to hunt first and how much time to allow for each hunt. From the basic information I've got so far from the...