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    New Mexico requiring quarantine

    There is a very good reason why NM has a handle on the virus situation. Good for them.
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    new Outdoor Edge knife giveaway - 20 knives!

    Is there a link for those of us who do not take part in the evil empire of facebook? :rolleyes:
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    Dove Hunting, Who Does It?

    One year my son and I were bow hunting in NV late Aug. sitting a waterhole for deer. It was a few days before dove season and the doves were as thick as mosquitoes every morning and every evening.
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    Magazine restrictions?

    How many rounds do you need? More than 1? ;)
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    When purchasing a license

    I have no problem with states that do this. (y)
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    This is why...

    This is why I'm so reluctant to give info to new members. New guy sends me PM asking about some of the areas I've posted about in NV. I figured I would wait a while to see if he stuck around and participated on the forum. His PM was on Jan. 23rd and the last time he was on the forum was on...
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    Favorite mule deer bullet?

    One rifle 7 RM and 2 bullets for me. 150 grain Core-Lokt for deer and antelope and 175 grain for elk. I've never had a problem with this combo in nearly 40 years. (y)
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    Moon phase and mule deer

    Pay no attention to the moon. It's just an excuse made up by those who need something to blame their lack of success on. ;)
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    Sage grouse help

    They are definitely dark meat and they do have a strong flavor. The Ruffed grouse are MUCH better eating.
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    Sage grouse help

    When I was a kid we used to shoot them with a .410 loaded with #4 shot.
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    Covid-19 Effects on Fall 2020 Hunts

    Now I'm glad my bro in AZ didn't draw an elk tag this year. Arizona is the last place I want to go with the virus running rampant in that state.
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    Ever use your snakeproof boots?

    My son and I watched a rattler slither up a mesquite tree we were sitting under for shade while bow hunting. We were sitting there for quite a while before it decided to move. :eek:
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    Just saw this

    I have no problems with that. More states need to do this.
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    Nv buck

    Nice little buck. I hope he gets a chance to grow up.