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    How Do You Breakdown an Elk?

    Oh but a nice thin blade saw is great for cutting skull caps off. I like to do two cuts one in the front of the eyes right through the nose then a second right where the spinal cord and brain hole is to meet the first cut.. skin and clean everything right away it's easier when fresh than to do...
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    How Do You Breakdown an Elk?

    Here in colorado evidence of sex either udders or testicles naturally attached to one hind quarter until it's home or at the processor. Reason being people shoot old bull elk for the head and take a cow elk for the meat so head is not sufficient evidence of sex on bull only tags. All of my elk...
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    Unit 46, 2nd Rifle

    So I'm guessing you've got an elk tag? Bull or cow elk tag?
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    Caption contest for prize!

    Broke the dang havalon blade off again!!
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    CO Deer Results are Out

    For sure very easy to hunt in colorado
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    Draw Results start tomorrow all week long !!!!

    Got both the tags I put in for.. bull tag was pretty lucky as others couldn't get the tag but my buck tag was guaranteed as I put in with 3 more points than was needed
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    Draw/OTC Question

    Up to two tags period either A+B or B+B.. if you want a third tag it has to be a C tag
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    CO Deer Results are Out

    No they've already gone through all four of our choices in the draw.. I got a second choice and a friend got his fourth choice. There is a secondary draw coming up though where we will all have to put in again for the draw to get whatever's leftover
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    6.5 To kill an elk?

    Simply from experience and the devastating loss of two big bulls because my bullets were inadequate I had moved up to the 7mm with its bigger impact velocity and flatter shooting capabilities.. Someone once said you don't want a gun that will do the job when everything goes right, you want a gun...
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    Scouting 2020

    Looks like you got him huh?
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    List your favorite game processors here

    Yeah not hard to leave evidence of sex on a quarter.. even if you process the rest of the meat nothing wrong with keeping one quarter complete and processing it at home. Ted Baker in Peyton is the one I take my meat to as well whenever I don't have time to process myself.. he takes quarters and...
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    Mule Deer Assistance

    We have the hybrid draw here in Colorado too.. 5 points to get your name in the draw for units that take 10 or more points.. and it changes anyways I've seen units that used to take 13 points that are now only taking 2-3 points to draw and vice versa so it really is a just system that's fair to...
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    Mule Deer Assistance

    Lots of great wisdom and advice in this thread.. in my opinion though Colorado is really well managed with our point system and I wouldn't like it any other way. Just gotta understand how it works
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    Colorado Unit 66 Mule Deer

    So which tag did you guys get? If I had seen this post earlier in the year I would have told you to go for second season tag as I think hunting gets better later in the year when the weather comes in and pushes deer down lower and when they start getting into the rut.
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    Scouting 2020

    Boy that's a nice typical buck in the middle.. hope you get that one