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    New Bow Discussion

    Solid advice here. It really comes down to budget so shoot as many as you can and see if you can find one used. Ebay is not a bad option like CrimsonArrow states. I did that exactly when I was in college to save money.
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    Best boots for elk hunting

    Depends if you have good or bad feet. I like Zamerlans, Salomons, kenetreks, Crispi. I don't require a lot of foot support for most deer and elk hunting so I like light hikers. For rough country or Sheep hunting I like a stiff sole with ankle support.
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    Unit 54-bald ridge

    Yeah I covered the entire unit. There's a few elk around but nothing like down south.
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    Wyoming NR general tags - how many point required this year ??

    It's getting crazy thats for sure. I see some elk hunts take 9-10 pts to draw and I just shake my head because I would be severely disappointed to have to wait a decade to hunt some of these severely point creeping units that have so-so bulls.
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    MT Spring Bear (pics)

    Wow awesome job, difficult to come by with a bow in MT!!
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    Unit 54-bald ridge

    I've hunted it before. Most of the best bulls are around private. Gets frustrating. If you're not picky on trophy quality its a fun hunt. Where are you from?
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    Elk hunting arrows

    I've shot elk with arrows ranging from 385 grs to 485 grs. Got a pass through with the 385 gr arrow and a gravedigger broadhead. I didn't hit any bones though. Passed through and never found the arrow. 420-440 grain arrow is where I like to be usually but it all comes down to shot placement...
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    Mr. Monroe

    Well done, great general area buck!
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    New Mexico Unit 16C

    Will be curious to see how you do! I've applied for that hunt area a few times with no luck. Should be one of the better hunts you will do in the country. Cover country and play the wind!
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    Wyoming bighorn

    Awesome, I love wall pedestals. Great choice!
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    Best unit in Wy?

    Good advice here. There are plenty of units that have big bucks, it all comes down to how much time you have to hunt and if you can hold off shooting good bucks and wait for great bucks. Just because a unit takes 12 points doesn't mean there are B&C bucks available that year. I suggest you see...
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    How Do You Breakdown an Elk?

    Couldn't agree more with the rigor mortis mentality. The best rutted up bull elk I've had was dead for over an hour. So I try to give it an hour minimum to relax.
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    Is this poaching punishment enough?

    Clear, proven poaching cases should be a mandatory felony imo.
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    Best broadheads for elk?

    Each person should match their setup to their broadhead based on how much power you have, but I can't imagine shooting a broadhead with less than 2" of total cut diameter!
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    Speed Goats on the brain

    My most recent! Fun will a bow!