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    Social Media

    Have not logged into Facebook for several years - too much bitchin and moanin... Dont care for it much so do IG 😂🤔🤷‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️.
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    I-70 Detour Pictures

    The guys on the Aspen side of Indy are doing a good Job amazing how many trucks they are turning around.. Last week before they were there 24/7 the pass was a mess cars were backed up almost into town. They also put in a stoplight at one of the one lane spots.. Wish folks would pull over when...
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    What kind of hunter...

    I would say I am a adventurer, local, wild game eating, family huntin, youth onset, archery mule deer hunter in my present form.. Gone out hunting w my father archery in some of the biggest mountains in the lower 48 since I was 6.. Chasing him (a marathoner) around I did not know these were big...
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    2021 Hunting Goals

    Still the same for me or kill a 200” net typical mulie w a 30” inside spread - archery.. Been at it a few years and who knows maybe this is the year. Don’t even have a deer tag yet so got a few obstacles to overcome lol.
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    Where would you move to if you had your choice of any western State to live in?

    I heat 100% with firewood because as the wise Eskimo said “man who chops his own firewood warms up twice” 😂.. As a family spend pry 7-8 nights in the summer and fall. Have a picnic and fill up the 8’ bed of my 4x4 dodge w 10’ lengths. Helps get me in shape for the fall. Then bucking and...
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    Colorado Secondary Draw

    There are returned tags on the list.. As others have mentioned unpaid tags also are on this list. In reality this is a youth lottery or a donation the cpw if you are a adult.. Good deal for a few youth but draw odds will still be looong.
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    Summer Scouting?

    This year will not be bad but after the big avy cycle in 2018 some of the roads were not cleared until the middle of the 2019 summer and only because of the local jeepers clubs. With all this heat the snow is almost gone here.
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    Monsoons in SW Colorado

    I have not been in that valley but both north and south as well as west of there have seen good rain so I would think so. Not a ton of snowpack left so creeks will start to drop soon..
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    Monsoons in SW Colorado

    As green here as I have see it this time of the year.. Horn growth should be great in many parts of Co this year....
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    Shed hunters on here?

    Here is a solid public land shed that looks like the shed on the ball cap. Wonder where he summers lol.
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    Summer Scouting?

    For everyone’s sanity in our house I “start” looking for mule deer on July 1.. With that said I got these 2 photo’s yesterday. 😂 Before then it can be hard to get around w high creeks, snow, an what no anyway. Overall I will pry get in my normal 20+ in before the archery season. I don’t have...
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    CO Deer Results are Out

    Draw recaps are posted at the below link enjoy..
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    CO Deer Results are Out

    2 of 3 in my family drew.. They are pinging cards but no email yet. One is my brothers archery tag...
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    Mount Pictures

    Thanks guys 👍. That buck above was one I never thought I would beat on size but after I looked at him next to my 2019 archery buck I have to say he might have been bumped to #2... I will try and get a pic of them both together. Kinda sad having him home it was always fun to visit him at my...
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    Mount Pictures

    This guy was hanging in my grandmas house. She passed away about 3 months ago and I figured it was time to bring him home...