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    When did you kill your first deer?

    A doe and a buck at the same time when I was 8. Deer drive in VA
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    Wyoming mule deer hunts

    Tough questions to answer without a crystal ball. I'll never reach max points for WY and you wont have max points again. I know you said something about a 200" deer but if it were me id pick an area for the experience versus a monster. Thats just me though.
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    Time is up! Good luck!

    Points only for me again this year. Good luck everyone
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    Wyoming mule deer hunts

    What units are you planning on saving for? Looks like only a couple of units are blue chips this year
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    $1400 in my Bank Account!

    I spent mine on things that have better value than paper money.
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    Wyoming mule deer hunts

    89 was a 10 point unit in 2019 with 50% chance. I think youll get it with 12
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    Hunting Wyoming Elk in 2021?

    Not this year. Will have 5 points once I put in for PP this year.
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    Same setup for whitetail

    Thanks for the replies. I’ll keep my current setup then
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    Same setup for whitetail

    I bowhunt a lot for whitetail in Virginia. I got the idea to take my bow out to wyoming for the first couple of days of rifle season in October and then use the rifle if it doesnt work out for me. Do any of you guys that hunt both use the same setup for mule deer and whitetail? Same broadhead...
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    Hunting Solo?

    All of my trips out west have been solo so far, although I dont venture to grizz country or do backcountry hunts. I tried to get people to go on the first hunts out there, but no one ever would so I just went by myself. I actually really enjoy the solo part of it. My success rests on no ones...
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    Elk Rifle

    Think I found the load I’ll be using for elk. Barnes vor-tx LR in 190 gr lrx bt. Seems to pattern pretty well. Wedding ring for comparison. That’s at 200 yards
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    Application Strategy

    Plan on heading back to Wyoming on a second choice deer tag. Im in no mans land according to my research for preference points in WY and CO, plus i want to pick up my deer from last year. Have a guy I work with that claims hes gonna apply and tag along, but I've heard that too many times to...
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    So...What are your plans for 2021?

    Back to wyoming for mule deer
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    Harvest Data report

    I received an email this year too about my tag. I hadn’t even left wyoming yet when I got the email. Weird
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    Elk Rifle

    I like the idea of holding dead on as well, I think I’ll try a 275 zero. Thanks for the advice!