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    Black hills

    Glad i decided to postpone this trip and hunt mule deer instead. Thanks for the help guys.
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    Duck hunting

    Thanks wy-Tex
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    Flyway difference?

    Awesome, thanks for the replies. The west slope is one of the places I’ve been looking to duck hunt. How was the deer population? I may draw a region R tag as my third choice.
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    Flyway difference?

    Plan on doing a little duck hunting in mid or late October out in Wyoming next season. Here in Virginia, we only have a 4 day season in October. There may be some wood ducks and some teal if you’re lucky that will be around for that small split. What kind of ducks should I expect for mid October...
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    Duck hunting

    Planning on a trip this coming season for mule deer in Wyoming. Depending on which area I get drawn, Ill either be showing up a couple of days early to hunt the central flyway or staying a couple of extra days to hunt the pacific. Having issues finding the answers to some questions so I figured...
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    Black hills

    Did anyone hit the black hills this year? Thinking of making a return trip next year and was wondering if you saw lots of Jakes/birds this season? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Wild Game Eats Thread...

    Made sloppy lopes from the antelope I got last season. Possibly the best way I?ve eaten wild game. It?s delicious.
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    General Wyoming questions

    Hey guys, planning a mule deer hunt for next season and had a few questions I haven?t been able to find the answers to. If y?all could help out I would greatly appreciate it. First, WSA?s... are you able to drive in them? I seem to remember reading that there is no driving in them but can?t find...
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    Preference points

    Delete Delete delete
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    Eastmans M.R.S book

    Has anyone received theirs yet? I ordered one at the end of october and it still hasnt arrived. Was just curious If im the only one.
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    Wyoming trip

    Had a week to travel Wyoming after my hunt. Here are a few of my favorite pictures. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got this guy yesterday after the rain and blizzard that came through. Thanks for the advice and help everyone. Also, sorry about the poor pics. Was solo on this hunt.
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    Not what I expected

    After months of planning and obsessing over the unit I thought I would be hunting in; I decided to check my draw report for Wyoming a few minutes ago. I didn't draw the unit I was planning on hunting that had very limited access, but instead drew my first choice unit by somehow beating the odds...
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    Anybody know?

    I've been searching high and low and deep in the darkest parts of the internet trying to find a map that shows the mule deer density for Wyoming. Preferably, deer per square mile. I checked the game and fish website too, I didn't find one there either. Anyone know where one might find this map?
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    I'm heading to Wyoming this fall to chase my first antelope. I have 0 pp built up and just applied for the regular tag with a unit that I should have a 50% chance of drawing as my second choice and a 100% chance for my third choice. Now, driving from Virginia to Wyoming, a ton of new gear (not...