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    CO Leftover List

    This has happened to me three years in a row
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    Fuel prices affect

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    if you have a moose tag dont mess with that it could screw you in the heat of the moment sight your gun in with what bullet you are shooting
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    Secondary Draw

    the youth getting first chance is b.s.
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    Wyoming Draw Results

    i will be huntin lopes hunted same unit in 2014 just took more pts this time
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    Colorado Primary Draw Results will be Posted Online May 31-June 3

    be nice if they could it out before wyo deer ant deadline
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    Corner Crossing

    he is not a rancher just a rich prick i hope the rest of them take notice public land is public land not just an excuse for a rich asshole to try to get more
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    If you could change your profession, what would it be?

    I need spell check or a dictionary
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    Vortex Diamondback spotting scope

    Dont know about vortex spotters but had to send a scope back, and a buddy had to send two back they honored the warranty but what a pain in the ass. Look at the natchez ss catalog of all the refurbished nikon stuff makes a guy wonder.
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    Who else is...

    Bike ride today old lab still knows how to set the pace.
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    Christenson Arms Ridgeline

    Fink what did you put on top of yours. I was looking at the leupold vx-3i lrp 4.5-14x50 30mm , I normally dont shoot more than 14 power but would more be better with this caliber, not that Im gonna be shooting at critters 6 or 7 hundred yards away just wondering.
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    Christenson Arms Ridgeline

    Thinking about buying one of these in 28 nosler. Anybody out there have one, opinions thanks.
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    Wyoming Unit 100-6 Cow Hunt

    cant help with type 6 had type 7 last year saw a 100 elk a day in the 2 days prior to opener. 4 of us were done hunting in a matter of 15 minutes on opener.