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    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    Boooo! Lol! I love my .30-06!
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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Congrats Winchester!! Nice work guys.
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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Dandy buck!!!
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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Nice work Hilltop! Nothing I love more than hunting with my kids!!!
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    2021 success Thread!!

    Well, the opener was a bust...tons of people up high...absolutely crazy!
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    2021 success Thread!!

    Thanks! I'll post when we get back... Hopefully with pics!
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    Best boots for elk hunting

    I've been running the Zamberlan Baltoro's the last 2 years and love them. Good stability and VERY lightweight for a mountain boot. I never think about my feet when I'm wearing them, which says a lot IMO.
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    2021 success Thread!!

    Ya, here we go! Next week is go time for me with the boom stick in the high country. Can't wait!
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    2021 draw results

    I drew my WY elk tag and my son drew his WY antelope tag! Can't wait!
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    Cabon fiber tripods for the heavier glass

    I don't have experience with those, but we've used the new Vortex tripods a little. They seem pretty legit. The Ridgeview Carbon is a sturdy tripod that holds heavier glass pretty well. Weighs only 3 lbs.
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    App Results Coming Soon *Via Email*

    I'm hoping so! I didn't draw last year. I did get to hunt with my 2 kids on their first buck antelope hunts, though....always fun with the kids! With this hot weather, it has given me the itch to be chasin' speed goats with my bow. 102 degrees forcasted in Powell, WY today....🤮
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    Oldest Success Pic

    Here is one of my oldest ones I have saved on the computer. I'll have to dig up some older ones. Believe it or not, I was 21 in this photo....I look like I was 16! This is a ND buck from out in the Badlands where I grew up hunting....good times!!! I miss those days.
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    App Results Coming Soon *Via Email*

    Thanks Jaden! Always good to have another shot at licenses when I don't draw. Good luck in the draws!!!
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    hiking vs jogging to prepare

    That's sounds like a killer workout. I bet that would be a good, steady burn.