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    Found a big one

    Many-a-slip betwinxt a cup and a lip...but that's hunting! Congrats on a great consultation bull!!
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    Decline in moose preference point purchases?

    If I were you, I'd be hunting cow bison in the Henry Mts. this year! I've only got 7 Utah bison pts, but I'll be applying for a cow tag every year until I draw. Cow will still make a lot of steak, a nice European mount and a great hunt!
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    Best hunting binoculars?

    Get some Mavens! Fairly cheap and awesome!
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    Holding out for a Monster!

    We'll, I was holding out for a giant or nothing, but I'm not good at that! So I shot a decent one right behind the house instead. Nothing better than getting one from your own property. Has some character too. Bladed brows, kinda palmated beams and a kicker. I like him...last day of the season too!
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    Need an Eastern Bird towards my slam

    Lots of places to go diy for an eastern cheap and with good success rates. Doubt you want to come all the way to Indiana, but if you do I can give you some ideas.
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    First Buck!

    My middle son shot his first Buck last weekend. Heart shot at 84 yards with his .243. He has been talking about killing a buck nearly every day since tagging a button buck last year. He couldn't have been happier with his little 8 pointer, and I couldn't be prouder!!
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    Pahvant Elk Tag..Paint Me Picture!

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    Pahvant Elk Tag..Paint Me Picture!

    Had a great time! Shot the best one I had seen so far, but probably should have waited. Check the elk success thread for the pictures and a little more detail.
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    The Wild Game Eats Thread...

    Bacon wrapped elk loin. DELICIOUS!!
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    Well good luck!

    Well good luck!
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    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    Well, I got a little impatient, but ended up with the most impressive bull I had seen in 5 hard days of hunting. Fairly certain that my brother and I could have found a bigger one, but he was in a decent spot for packing out, put on a great show bugling and tearing up trees, and I was getting a...
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    Hey Zim, I am a Purdue grad. I live in Huntington, small town about 45 min SW of Ft. Wayne. I...

    Hey Zim, I am a Purdue grad. I live in Huntington, small town about 45 min SW of Ft. Wayne. I drew the Pahvant muzzleloader tag in Utah. My bull didn't really do the unit justice, but he's a nice bull and I had a great hunt. Saw your My. Emily bull, very nice! Got any other hunts this year?
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    Forum Banner Update Contest!

    Sorry about the doubles!
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    Forum Banner Update Contest!