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    Am I getting a tag?

    Don't have to worry about it now. Apparently they messed up the first draw. What a joke!!
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    Am I getting a tag?

    What do you guys think the odds are of me getting a tag?
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    New rifle

    Don't scratch it!!!
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    Sheep Hunting Video Young Girl Sheep Slam

    Great kid, great dad! Thanks for posting this.
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    2020 Fishing

    Middle son's been killin the crappie!
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    2020 Fishing

    Fun morning with my two youngest!
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    When will Utah start charging cards?

    What is it!?
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    When will Utah start charging cards?

    Today the day?
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    When will Utah start charging cards?

    Any CC hits?
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    What is your go to elk rifle / ammunition combo?

    .338 WM with 225 gr. Partitions.
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    Found a big one

    Many-a-slip betwinxt a cup and a lip...but that's hunting! Congrats on a great consultation bull!!
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    Decline in moose preference point purchases?

    If I were you, I'd be hunting cow bison in the Henry Mts. this year! I've only got 7 Utah bison pts, but I'll be applying for a cow tag every year until I draw. Cow will still make a lot of steak, a nice European mount and a great hunt!
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    Best hunting binoculars?

    Get some Mavens! Fairly cheap and awesome!
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    Holding out for a Monster!

    We'll, I was holding out for a giant or nothing, but I'm not good at that! So I shot a decent one right behind the house instead. Nothing better than getting one from your own property. Has some character too. Bladed brows, kinda palmated beams and a kicker. I like him...last day of the season too!