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    What is your go to elk rifle / ammunition combo?

    .50 Cal. CVA Wolf muzzeloader with 250 grain barnes T-EZ copper bullet.
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    What's your personal challenge?

    shoot a record book blacktail record book bear with my muzzleloader shoot first elk go to alaska to hunt sitka blacktail and caribou (probably two different trips)
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    Weirdest, oddest, creepiest thing you've seen, or heard.

    the ones that disappear without a trace, definitely bigfoot:D. seriously though, one time I was hiking down a trail I have hiked hundreds of times but this time in the dark. when I decided to turn around I couldn't figure out which direction was back to the truck. I ended up walking in a big...
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    thats what I thought as soon as I saw the picture.
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    blacktail trail cam pics

    getting into the rut, big ones are roaming
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    Last Day AZ Bull

    That thing is awsome:)
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    2019 fall bear

    rifle, when I shot it at 8 yards it dropped like a rock in its tracks. 30-06 using 180 grain core-lokt bullets.
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    2019 fall bear

    thanks for reminding me:sneaky: heres a couple more pictures once I got home with it.
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    2019 fall bear

    I shot my first bear last night on the opener!
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    Waiting for hunting season

    this nice blacktail buck keeps showing up.
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    Summer time fun!

    shed hunting
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    blacktail trail cam pics

    starting to grow
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    Do you love winter? (Prove it!)

    10 foot tall snowman
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    blacktail trail cam pics

    got this last night