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    Ear Protection When Hunting

    I am right there with you Cowboy. Mine will shut down when the noise reaches a high level, I don't have to shut them off when I shoot. And they do act as an ear plug. I'm pretty happy with them for hunting.
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    Why Oregon is screwed in the long run....

    Ha I didn't even notice the date was just scanning all of Oregon threads and that one caught my attention. Funny how these issues seem to be timeless....
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    Hi. Wondering if you have ever hunted the Aldrich Mts. area, west of the Strawberries. Son and...

    Hi. Wondering if you have ever hunted the Aldrich Mts. area, west of the Strawberries. Son and grandson archery hunted it last year but only saw a few. I am going with them this year and am looking for a little advice, not specific spots..thanks.
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    Why Oregon is screwed in the long run....

    Not to mention they way they have managed, or lack of, the Mt. Lion. Years ago I got a shot of a wolf on my trail camera in the Lookout Mt. unit. They refused to admit there were wolves there, even though the one on the cam had a radio collar. Now I hear they have killed two out of that pack...
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    Lion recipe

    A few weeks ago our local gov. trapper was in a local parking lot giving away lion pepperoni and jalapeno sausage. both were very good.
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    Closest Kill

    Well, we never actually got the deer but my cousin, who was same age as me, worked on a diary farm after school. He had been seeing some does and a fork in one of the fields every night. I talked my mom into taking me out there after school and he and I came up with a plan. He went to the...
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    Opening day Buck

    Nice..I took my first buck in Southern Humboldt Co. in 1962 I was 12 years old..
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    Well it finally happened......I destroyed a gun.

    I'm just glad you are ok. I have a .41 Rem. Mag. and was shooting some reloads at the range. One gave me a heck of a bounce so I stopped. Before I figured out what was going on I ran across a flyer saying not to shoot Green Dot in the .41 mag because of possible pressure spikes. That is...
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    Side focus hunting scopes, are they practical and needed?

    Same here. I have only had one fail and the warranty service was so great I couldn't believe it. I have three VXlll's
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    Thoughts on Suppressors for Hunting?

    Don't see the need for them, myself. I've been hunting since 1962 and can't think of one case where one would have helped. Don't like the looks but for sure think if someone wants one they should be able to have it. Feds. need to back off on this one.
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    Smoke Phase Turkey

    We had a bunch of Hippies in an old school bus move in down by the river. They had a bunch of chickens and white turkeys. The police made them move but they left their birds. The turkeys joined up with the wild ones. This was almost 20 years ago and we still get a few white chicks every...
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    When did you kill your first deer?

    Cowboy, I got my first one in Calif. when I was 12 also (Humboldt Co.) 1962. Shot it in the eye....
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    $1400 in my Bank Account!

    Yep. And when you pay it back they'll probably want interest................
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    Fair Chase?

    Cowboy, I remember a chemistry class which had a prerequisite of a slide rule class. One semester.....
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    Hi this is Jake from Oregon

    I know where Dufur is. In the late 70s Oregon had the first state turkey hunt. It was a drawing and I drew a tag and hunted the White River area...not too far away...good luck with your hunts. I can tell you get it, it is all about being out there...