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    WY NR Elk Draw Results Tomorrow

    Nothing here either. And I thought I could sneak into a central WY tag... :ROFLMAO:
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    CO Deer Results are Out

    Put in for 55 Archery and didn't draw. I had 9 points and it took 8 last year. It did take much more than 9 points a few years ago. Somewhat disappointed, but not terribly surprised.
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    Montana 143

    Yep. I though there was already a thread on this subject. Maybe not. Anyways, a bad deal for the NR DIY guys and good for the outfitters. It will be interesting to see how the bill is amended. The bill's sponsor mentioned that he would amend the 60% Outfitter allocation to reflect the historical...
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    High country mulies 21' who's in??

    I try to embrace it. This time of years gives me time to continue to improve through more research and training. Every labor day I always have a little anxiety that I am not prepared enough. I'm trying to get away from that feeling.
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    Hunting Wyoming Elk in 2021?

    Hopefully I will burn mine this year. I am right on the edge of having enough points to draw a unit that I am interested in. Fingers crossed.
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    So...What are your plans for 2021?

    Hunts MT general season elk (Coming Home to Hunt tag). CO limited entry deer. Going to cash in this year due to the season structure changes. I've got an eye on a couple units that require a couple points less than I currently have. Maybe if I get incredibly lucky NM elk, deer, oryx, barbary...
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    Who else is...

    I got into a good grove this year with my summer routine and will modify it somewhat for the winter. Summer Monday - Bodypump Tuesday - 6 mile run or off Wednesday - Bodypump Thursday - 6 mile run Friday - Off Saturday - Bodypump and 6 mile run Sunday - 6 mile run Winter Monday - Bodypump...
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    2020 Nevada Elk

    I love those main beams!
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    sleeping bag syndrome

    Agreed. I'm a huge fan of WM bags. I've got a wide frame. The WM are a little wider than most bags and the quality is very good.
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    Brass Trimming

    Folks, I'm a fairly new reloader. I've reloaded about 1000 rounds of pistol cartridges and just started reloading rifle rounds. I'm currently working up a load for 300 WSM. The Hornady and Nosler manuals call for a trim length of 2.1". I've got the following brass at the stated trim lengths...
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    In the market for a hunting pack

    I’m a big fan of the Mystery Ranch packs. I have a Metcalf and a Marshall.
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    Christenson Arms Ridgeline

    Best news I’ve heard in awhile. They must not have updated their website.
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    Christenson Arms Ridgeline

    I wish they made lefty’s in larger calibers
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    CO archery Elk unit 48

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    Advice for new .22 pistol

    I agree with folks on the wheel gun. I've fired the compact S&W's and have a full size K frame in 22lr.