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    2020 Antelope Success Thread

    I don't think it much of a story... The last pronghorn I harvested was when I was 17 & I am now 48 going on 49. I guess the common denominator is that I have shot them w/ my Dad's pre 64 Winny 06 feather weight. I will give a shout out to Colorado Cowboy for PM about the unit ... It took...
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    Daughter holds the biggest buck in the household

    That is just freakin awesome !!!
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    2020 Antelope Success Thread

    I haven't harvested a pronghorn in 31 years ..
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    AZ Jimmy John Bull

    Am i missing something here ? I just saw 3 bulls this weekend ( 8/22 ) who all had velvet on their antlers ..
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    Wilderness Archery Elk

    Correct !! People get all wound up to go " remote" and realize it is a lot of work especially if ya knock 1 down... They can't or will not embrace the suck that comes with a little remote hunting.. As I get older 49 this year I am not embracing the suck as much either. :unsure:
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    What is your go to elk rifle / ammunition combo?

    So, I would like to chime in a little on this one. I have killed elk w/ a bow, muzzle loader, & a rifle.. I shot a 4 point bull w/ a 50# browning bantom bow in 1988 w/ a old satellite broad head went through the ribs, but I also hit a 6 point bull w/ the set up in the front shoulder and the...
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    2020 Turkey Picture Thread

    The gun was my dad's OL 870. When I would tag along as young lad at the age of 5/6 he would blast birds w/ it. The state is Colorado only 1 bird bearded per spring season.... It is a merriam
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    Help with unit

    Might i suggest unit 68 4th season rifle
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    16 preference points in colorado

    yup .. Speed goat.. I got 16 PP & lookin to burn them..
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    16 preference points in colorado

    So if you had 16 PP in Colorado what unit would you apply for ?
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    Mule Deer Assistance

    I really don't agree with that statement at least the over hunted part.. We kill good bucks on BLM land most years we get the tag and see a hand full of people..
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    338 Cal Rifles

    I have 2 338 RUM. One long range sniper type rifle w/ a 29" Douglas barrel Remington shoot 300SMK 1200 yards 12" plates. Another is a winchester w/ a Douglas barrel 24" ... I used to shoot some barnes but had terrible luck at the longer ranges on killing performance then went to 250 SBT and...
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    CO 1st rifle elk vs. muzzy elk

    I would do a muzzy hunt over a 1st rifle given the choice .. But I wouldn't do muzzy hunt were they have OTC archery tags.
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    Please critique my caribou gear list

    Use Dura logs instead of fire wood.. But I betcha the transporter is going to land you on a ridge top. Lots of spruce trees there... Small aircraft you can compressed fuel, BUT large air craft you can not bring compressed fuel..... Also I forgot 3 must haves: a daily dose of BCAA ( branch...