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    Shoulder injury and archery advice

    Hey all I am wondering if anyone has had a shoulder injury in the past and how that has affected your ability to shoot a bow and carry a pack. I have been an avid shooter, over 400 shots a week all year, for a number of years. Last summer while riding my road bike I was t-boned by a...
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    Fitness training updates!

    Went out this morning for a run. MEANT to do 5km around a loop I know well in the cities river valley. Felt good at the bridge I usually cross at the far end of my loop so I thought 'the next bridge is only a few blocks, I can stretch this run out a bit'......... famous last words. Missed the...
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    88 ranch outfitters Anyone use them?

    Hey all I am a Canadian looking to do an archery antelope hunt in the great state of Wyoming and I am looking at 88 ranch outfitters out of Douglas. Has anyone ever used this outfit? Good or bad reviews are more than welcome. How are the people, the property, the guides, all of it...
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    Wilmore Wilderness Alberta

    I am planning some scouting trips to the Wilmore Wilderness in North West Alberta later this year. I have found all my maps and done the scouting I can do from home and I am pumped to get out in the mountains again. I am hoping to get back in deep for about 10-14 days and chase down some big...
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    Under Armour Stealth Rain Jacket Reviews??

    Hey all I'm in the market for a new backpacking rain jacket and I stumbled on the Under Armour Stealth Rain Jacket. It seems to fit nice in the store, it is light enough, packs small enough, but I don't know a lot about it beyond that? Is it 100% waterproof? Windproof? Does it...
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    N.A.P Apache durability

    Hey all: I've busted pieces off my last couple drop away rests and I am looking for a new hunting rest. The N.A.P. Apache looks good and it's design seems to lend itself to durability. The large capture housing, no small pieces hanging off. How have people found this rest in the...
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    B.C. LEH results posted

    The draw has been run and you can get your results online now. I drew a shared moose with the old man. Remember that successful people WILL NOT get a mail out form this year.
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    Cleaning Grizzly bear smell out of clothing

    Hey all: I am in the process of fleshing and salting another grizzly bear hide and I am wondering if anyone has any good tricks for getting the smell of rancid fat and bear out of your clothing. I have fleshed and salted many hides over the years and I have yet to find a good method to get...
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    Queen Charlotte Islands Black Bears

    If anyone was hoping to go these islands, a place many say holds the next world record black bear, your pretty much out of luck. The Ministry of Environment has made an announcement that all bears taken on the islands must be compulsory reported to a Ministry officer. Once they hear of 4 bears...
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    Turkey in Northern Washington

    I know turkey hunting isn't the big focus on the Eastman's site, but I though I would ask. I am in BC and I am coming down to my side of the border on April 15th for the BC turkey season. What are the hunting opportunities like on the Washington side of the line? Good public access or...
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    Where are the species lines?

    Is there a map somewhere of where the species lines are between Mule Deer, Black Tail and the other sub species of deer. I'm in BC and the government breaks deer into Mule and Whitetail. I've taken some deer on the pacific islands off the coast, but I'm not sure what to call them.
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    Lazy Day Elk

    Has anyone else tried the 'Overnighter" method when elk hunting? This is used by some when bulls aren't that active in the day but bugle and rut hard at night. The idea is that you follow the bull all night and call to it, keeping him worked up until dawn, then move in at first light. If...
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    Bivouac Camping: How close is too close?

    So your sleeping under you siltarp or in your bivy sac under a tree. You want to be close to the elk, deer, moose, sheep, goat, etc for morning. How far out do you trek from where you last saw the animals to where you sleep? Any lessons learned? Elk: 500-750 yards downwind. So I can hear...
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    Moving to Alberta

    Hey I'll be moving to Alberta this summer to do my PhD. I've bow hunted all over B.C.'s high country my whole life but never in Alberta. Anyone out there an Albertan willing to give me a little info on places to go or avoid?? I've been doing some research I think that packing into the...
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    British Columbia Spring Draws

    For any B.C. hunters looking around. If you put in for the spring Grizzly hunt or the early sheep draws, the results are not up yet. Hit this link and you will go straight to the results page. I'll update when the results go up.