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    Boot Conditioners And Treatments, What Do You Use?

    Obenauf's or Montana Pitch Blend. Very similar and they both work very well.
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    Boot Conditioners And Treatments, What Do You Use?

    Obenauf's and Montana Pitch Blend. Both are fantastic and last the longest of any waterproofing/conditioner I have used.
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    Scope Recommendation

    I have Leupold scopes on all of my rifles and I love them. I had a 280 AI built and I put the 4.5-14x40mm with the B&C reticle on that rifle and I love it!
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    2019 Wyoming Recurve Moose

    That's fricking awesome. He'll be great eating too!
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    Eberlestock J117 II Dragonfly Giveaway!

    Another sweet surprise to win!
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    Help with 243

    Try some Federal, Nosler, or Winchester loadings using a 90-100 gr. bullet. The 100 gr. Nosler Partition is hard to beat for any animal you would want to shoot with the 243 including elk at the max range you list as 250 yards. 90 br. Accubond is a great bullet as is the 90 gr. E-tip. I'm...
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    Best hunting boots????

    Whites Dri-Foot with the Montana Claw lug sole. I have the uninsulated boot and my feet were nice and toasty just weaing a pair of wool blend socks even in deep snow and 0 degree weather.
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    The real wolf

    The Real Wolf by Ted Lyon & Will Graves I would strongly urge folks on both sides of the wolf issue read this book. It provides documented information that would surprise and sadden many at the same time as to what has taken place in regards to the wolf introduction and what is happening. David
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    Christmas gift thieves!! This was pretty funny and clever! It would have been great if he would have used bear spray instead of what he did! That stuff would make itself known in the bad guys car or house for quite some time!!
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    Grizzly bear in the Bitterroot. This is about 30 miles south of where I live. I think it's neat they are expanding their range and the populations are doing well. Part of the cry to not de-list the grizzly bear is because they are...
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    Touchdown! Short video. Pretty cool!
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    Grizzly bear de-listing: Northern ecosystem

    I went to the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem Grizzly Bear meeting in Missoula last night. Montana FWP I believe has laid out an excellent plan for the bears and keeping their numbers at a level of sustainability after de-listing. It was an opportunity for sportsman to voice their...
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    Extreme Expeditions out of Alaska

    Was turned onto these folks by my neighbor, and he knows one of the guides for this operation. He spoke highly of them and I was wondering if anyone here has had any hunts with these folks and what their experience was like? I am trying to get hooked up with a fall 2019 or 2020 hunt for moose...
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    8 year old slashes other students with a knife.

    This kind of stuff just never ends. We seem to be able to hurt other people with just about anything and continue to do so. Pretty sad.
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    Banning of knives in London.

    Looks like they are going after their knives in London now to stop stabbings. ... ly-zanotti ... f-marathon Looks like cars might be next! David