Wyoming NR Elk 2022


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Apr 25, 2016
Cedar Rapids, IA
There's advantages to being in the know and having a friend in Wyoming...my buddies have drawn 5 elk tags each in the past 4 years...2 bull tags and 3 cow tags each.

They savvy elk hunting, all I have to do is get them into elk and let them know where to apply. They're exceptional shots, dedicated, and aren't afraid to work for it. I usually spend a day or two scouting for them before they get here, so we aren't out there looking for elk, when we should be killing elk...probably why they have gone 14/15 with their tags. The only tag they left on the table was by choice this past fall. My buddy that didn't fill his cow tag, did so by choice...he figured 3 bulls and 2 cows in a day between the 3 of them was enough. Probably right, but I wish he would have shot his cow to go along with the bull he killed earlier, not like he didn't have tons of opportunity to do it. I enjoy hosting them, a high school buddy and his 2 cousins...non-stop fun.

Full game bags from this past fall:

They enjoy slumming it in the basement of the double-wide...

Usually a cocktail or two after they fill their tags:

I about half starve them too...barely 3/4 of a pound of the best halibut each, from my yearly AK fishing trip, with some wild rice and a cerveza.

I'm surprised they keep showing back up year after year...
You're a good host, Buzz.


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Nov 29, 2011
Nobody has mentioned it but there was a bill being discussed about limiting the percent of tags to non residents. Im not sure of the status. I think anybody with points needs to consider using them sooner rather than later.
Not sure of all the details.... if they're talking all game tags/animals.... but if it goes to 10% for moose etc.... I know many of these random tags will disappear... whereas there is 1 random tag now, I would think that would become 0.