Withdrew 2020 elk app due to covid and work schedule uncertainty. Looking at 2021


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Jun 14, 2015
Colorado Springs, Co
I'm Tony Cleveland from Colorado. I was posting a good bit on here in Jan prior to he draw. I ended up applying for a type 9 archery tag in 45. I withdrew my app due to work schedule uncertainty. I'll be applying next year with 13 points. I'm now reconsidering which unit I want to use my points in. I've always wanted to do a horseback hunt and for that reason I'm now considering going guided and doing some research on 63/64. I know it has grizz and wolves but I've read that its also a good elk unit but pretty remote and rugged. Id like to hear from anyone who has some experience in the unit and and a good outfitter recommendation for that area. I would apply for a type 1 with an archery stamp so I could do a bow hunt the latter part of Sep and return in Oct with a rifle if unsuccessful. Thanks much for any info you may be willing to share