Wingmen Podcast Episode 27: Alex Langbell - Gun Dog Outdoors


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Episode 27: Alex Langbell - Gun Dog Outdoors

Gun Dog Outdoors is a company that all wingshooters should be paying attention to and using their products. Why? Because if you’ve never needed a first aid kit for your dog, it’s only a matter of time until you do! Alex Langbell is a riot to talk to and this conversation runs the gamut from the 2020 hunting season and hunter ethics to his hard charging daughter Sierra and how he introduced her to hunting. They guys honestly laugh about as much as they talk in the episode, in spite of some “technical difficulties” that ended the Zoom meeting twice! Alex is the kind of dude who makes a room light up and electrifies the folks around him with his good humor and hearty laugh. One thing is for sure, this episode goes fast! Don’t miss it.