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Travis Horner

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Feb 28, 2020
Powell, WY
What's up Gentz! I've been poking around the forum now for the past year, but just realized I didn't introduce myself; wow...Awkward!

My name is Travis Horner. I grew up in Eastern Montana hunting the prairies and the badlands. Like many teenagers these days, I slipped out of the lifestyle when I was 16 for several reasons, but after marriage and starting a family on little to no coin, We NEEDED some MEAT! I received my first Mach 10 PSE when I reached the age of 21. There was no turning back. I was hooked. Spent the next 16 years hunting the Western North Dakota Badlands. I have harvested some nice deer in Western North Dakota including the non-typical Mule Deer state record in 2016. With there current situation in North Dakota, that record has been left in the dust. Later that year my family and I put our eyes on the great state of Wyoming and in 2019, we made the move. In July of 2019, I heard about a job opening in Powell Wyoming and decided I needed to check it out. Eastman's Publications was in need of a shipping manager.

A couple funny stories and an awesome interview with the team and here I am today, answering customer service calls, providing TagHub support, and making sure your orders are in the mail and shipped to you when you are expecting them. We have great things in the planning journal and I hope to serve you all and be an asset to the greatest industry in America. It's Awesome to be here working for the best! I am looking forward to seeing everything you guys harvest in the field. Thank you for getting to know me, Good luck in this year's hunt applications.


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Nov 1, 2012
NE ohio
Its all good better late than never 👍 . I signed up in 2012 and didn't make my first post till 2018 . I would like to officially welcome you aboard
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