What Is Your Favorite Gun To Shoot???


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Feb 3, 2014
What gun has been your favorite to shoot? Break it down however you like, you can even answer one for each category kind of thing.

Lets hear it!


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Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
If I didn't like shooting them I wouldn't have them......

TC Renegade .54. This thing can be punishing on both ends of the barrel. Load it up with some 430 gr maxi balls and you ready for anything. Drop it down to a round ball and you are ready for small game up to mule deer.

TC Renegade .50. I got this one just to have more options on loading's since things for the .54 were disappearing or hard to find. It like its big brother the .54 can be set up for any animal but it doesn't punish you as much on the back end.

TC Triumph .50. This one is a lot easier to use than the side locks above. That 209 primer ignition is the cats meow. I'm keeping this one for hunting here in Colorado since I can't use a scope or sabots. I did have a peep sight on it but changed over to a SeeAll sights delta sight. I do however shoot 250 and 300 grain Thors out of it. It also took my largest bull elk that I have shot with a muzzle loader.

CVA Accura .50 I won this one last year. It has a 3-9 scope on it and it shoots lights out up to 300 yards which is the furthest that I have shot it. It shoots sabated bullets and Blackhorn powder. I shot my muzzle loader deer with it in Utah last year since they allow all kinds of fun things on your muzzle loaders. Their muzzy hunt is more of a single shot rifle hunt than a muzzle loader hunt but as long as it is legal I might as well take advantage of it. I'll keep this one for hunting outside of Colorado and use it where legal.

Colt Old Army .44. This one is just fun to shoot. It is a black powder only pistol and while it is a bear to clean after shooting even with modern powders it is just fun to shoot.


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Jul 8, 2015
I dont shoot nearly as much as I used to but these are my 4 go-to guns.

Browning Citori .410 - No recoil and very deadly and it feels good to whip people on the clay range with it..and if you dont you can still blame it on being half the size of what everyone else is shooting so you have an out...lol

Ruger 10/22 - Reasonably cheap to shoot, reliable and no recoil.

Benjamin Marauder PCP .22 airgun - No telling how many varmints I have killed with this thing. It has 0 recoil, it its pretty deadly on varmints, and sounds like a small desk paper stapler when it goes off..I do wish the Pellets it prefers were cheaper...It is the most accurate 25 yard "gun" I own. Literally one on top of another same hole groups. It is certainly not a toy.

JRC 9MM Carbine - Its just a 9mm but I guarantee nothing would want to be on the receiving end of it with 50 round drum magazines..It flat out lays down a lead wall of hand cast & Powder coated 125 grain HOT longshot loads it in a hurry. VERY Reliable, accurate, and has almost no recoil. Its cheaper to shoot than a .22 if you reload like I do in quantity. And I quote my dad saying, "That thing is damn scary for a 9MM". I sometimes wish I had a .45 ACP barrel for it. I may still get one some day. Its just so cheap to shoot the 9mm I have a hard time getting away from it. I wish they made a .44 magnum barrel for it......it would be a deadly short range whitetail gun.

Colorado Cowboy

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Jun 8, 2011
Dolores, Colorado
First is my Custom .220 Ackley Improved Swift. I made the thumbhole stock and it absolutely vaporizes prairie dogs with my handloads at over 4,000 fps.

Then my 25-06 deer/antelope rifle. It's a M77 Ruger with a tang safety. Bought it in 1968 or 69 and have shot a ton of animals with it.

Next is a Zephyr Upland King sidelock 20 ga double barrel. Quail, doves & pheasants beware as it is deadly.

lastly is my Remington 870 TCMC trap gun. If I do my part, it doesn't miss.


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Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
When I put my list in I was thinking of just muzzle loaders.

But for the others I love shooting my TC Contender in any of the calibers that I have it in. The 7-30 Waters is a blast along with the .357 Herrett and .30 Herrett. There is something to be said about long range pistol shooting.
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Jul 9, 2018
I love all my guns, but if I was answering this week I'd say my Remington 1100 semi-auto 12ga. It has sentimental value for me - it was my first gun. It's a pain to keep clean and stove-pipes weak trap loads if you don't stay on it, so my friends like to poke fun at me for loving it. But I can't help it, it's just a great gun for me.


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Nov 1, 2012
NE ohio
Id have to say 22 mag bolt action nothing special but for teaching good form and cheep to shoot. Kids love it , i shoot in the backyard... lots of good. I also reload and would really like to have a small caliper centerfire rife just to play with like cc.
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Feb 25, 2014
Eastern Nebraska
As far as just fun, it has to be my old Rem 870. I really enjoy shooting trap and have won a few competitions with the old gun. Always fun to beat guys with 3k trapguns with my $250 WalMart special. Hunting, I love to shoot my Ruger 30-06. Pistol is my M&P shield in .40 cal.
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Feb 22, 2011
Reno Nv
I like to shoot all the rifles I have but I really enjoy shooting my Savage .308. All my others are mags and can get old shooting them with the kick but the .308 is fun to shoot with so much less recoil.
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dan maule

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Jan 3, 2015
Upper Michigan
As several have already said I enjoy shooting period, but I have to say I really enjoy playing around with my M1 30 carbine. It's just a lot of fun, kids have a blast shooting it virtually no recoil.
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Oct 20, 2020
I love my brand new Colt 45 compact. This gun is very easy to carry, it's cool. The success of hunting depends on weapons, too, but it also depends on ammunition. You all know how important this is and what role it can play. Every year before the start of the hunting season, I buy on BulkMunitions, so that nothing distracts me after. When the season is over, I have a lot of trophies that I'm very proud of. By the way, this online store where I order ammunition has a very good overview of how to clean weapons. Very useful article, especially for beginners.
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Dec 10, 2018
My favorite gun is my Savage 116 Bear Hunter in 338 Win Mag. I was so impressed how well it shot with factory loads. I shoot a Barnes TTSX 225 grain out of it and its a tack driver. Shotgun wise i like my Beretta A400 and pistols my Sig 1911 is my favorite.
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