West Beatty Butte


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Nov 19, 2013
Eastern Oregon
Anyone have any experience with this unit for Antelope? Drew the tag with 19 points and have been down scouting already. Lots of scattered antelope and water. Getting ready to head back down in a couple days. Having never hunted it I'm curious as to where the main hoards are going to be so I can avoid the crowds. Have seen one very nice 80" + buck so far.

ore hunter

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Jul 25, 2014
ive got e beattys muzz this year,,,west beattys has a lot of water sources and springs,,id scout those out and of course if you can find a remote spot away from the roads that would problably be good,or close to hart mtn border


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Oct 15, 2017
Portland, OR
Easier said than done when you've waited almost 20 years for this, but the best advice is to hunt the last week of the season. Do that and you'll have the entire unit to yourself and you'll have plenty of mature bucks to hunt.

Oregon pronghorn is possibly the easiest big game hunt ever. Good luck and have fun! Highly suggest looping through northern Nevada on the way home.

ore hunter

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Jul 25, 2014
also antelope dont venture too far from water,,usually 5 miles at most,,seems like bucks hang out in the higher terrian a bit more than the does.


Sep 9, 2014
Bend, Oregon
I got my first speed goat in this unit 15yrs ago.. been applying off and on ever since. like mentioned find water and hunt late. Have a quality cooler with plenty of ice until you can get to town or home. dont want any meat to spoil.