Vortex Spotters, Diamondback vs. Viper


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Apr 7, 2011
Can anyone help me out a little with the difference one would see when comparing the Diamondback 20-60 x 60mm and the Viper 15-45 x 65mm. I'm guessing the viper obviously has better glass since it costs more but just wondering about specific advantages and disadvantages. The diamondback is less cost and a pound lighter and a higher zoom, but would I start losing a lot at the higher magnifications comparatively that having the extra zoom wouldn't be as helpful as having a lower zoom with better clarity?

I ask because at cameralandny.com right now you can get the Non HD Viper for cheaper than the Diamondback. I also like the fine and course adjustment features of the viper. I imagine most will say just save and get the razor or HD glass but I'm kinda just wondering about this head-to-head comparison. I haven't compared the two in person, but I figured I'd feel it out here first. Thanks.


Jul 3, 2012
North Dakota
Vipers are excellent spotters and rifle scopes. Even if they aren't HD. I have both viper and diamondback scopes and the viper is better. I would go with the viper myself. Good luck.


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Apr 1, 2012
IMO there are a few main differences; First, the housing. As you can tell by the weight you have a more substantial housing on the viper . Second, the glass. Viper (regular, non-HD) is listed as having extra-low dispersion glass, Diamondback does not. Viper is 65mm vs. Diamondback 60mm, I'd go for the scope with the bigger objective lens whenever possible. Third, fog proofing. The Viper is filled with argon, the Diamondback is filled with nitrogen. In the long run I don't know how much this matters, however, the argon does not breakdown as fast, the argon will be more reliable for a longer time and is more expensive (but for how much they would need to use per scope I don't know how much of an impact it has on the scope price.)

FYI, the non-HD Viper has been discontinued so you should continue to see discount pricing on it, that is, if a company discounts items that are discontinued the scope will be marked down.

I looked back at the original questions and realized I didn't hit all the points.

The higher magnification range of the diamondback is more of an intriguing selling point rather than a useful feature. The image gets dark pretty quick when you get passed 40x.

I don't like fine focus knobs because it means one more moving piece that can break.
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Dec 13, 2011
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I own a Viper riflescope that I'm happy with, no experience with Diamondbacks, though. I've seen people speak highly of the Celestron Regal f-ed (also discontinued, I think) on this forum, and they are being discounted into the same price range as the Viper. Anyone have an opinion on how the Viper and Regal compare?

(I hope this is an acceptable continuation of the discussion and not a high-jacking of the thread, if so, I apologize)
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