Unit 31/32


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Jul 29, 2013
Haworth Oklahoma
I have elk deer bear muzz tags for
These units. Been trying to get out there for hunt several years between fires and bad
Draw luck it hasn’t happened. This year finally cashed in and have 3 tags. Anyone have any info on the area in 31 that burned up. How does it look? Any rain this summer? Any opinions on what unit might be a better bet for mule deer as that’s my primary goal. What about the access now that some gates have been


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Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
Unit 31 got hit real hard with the fire. Whole canyons that you couldn't see into are now just matchsticks. The largest outfitter that hunted there is selling their property from what I understand. On the gates being opened up, I am not sure on that. A friend who has a ranch up there has a locked gate going through their property even after the BLM told them to open it up if they wanted to use it for access to BLM above their ranch.

I'm not sure on how hard it has been hit with the monsoons that have moved through the area. I am sure that there are quite a few mud slides that are blocking roads, but there are enough gas wells in the area that the gas company needs to access that they will be in there with equipment opening them up.

If you can get the access into 31 it may be a great unit with some large bulls in it, but I haven't talked to my friend on just how the access is or how the herd is up there. I am sure that the new growth will have the elk loving it but access could still be a problem. I would give the area biologist a call and talk to him on how things are going there.
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