Unit 30 South East NM


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Jul 17, 2016
Setting here in Texas looking at temps around 100 for a while, makes it hard to not think about opening morning in the Guadeloupe mountains south of Queen this coming fall. I am hoping for cooler weather than last year (coolest it got was 57 at night). We would be at our glassing spots before first light and the deer were already heading for the shade and their beds at the first hint of light from the east. That and a Full bright moon on a cloudless night made for some tough hunting conditions. We saw two shooter books in our season, one we jumped out of a drainage and didn't get a shot before he dived into other cover and another sky-lined 800+yards away. I have high expectations though that this year will be a great year and my hunting partner and I will punch both tags with a good deer this coming fall.