Unit 130 Mule Deer Permit


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May 4, 2011
Deer Lodge, Montana
Anybody here ever hunt in unit 130 for mule deer in the Mission Mtns? Trying to figure out where I want to put in this year for my mule deer permit and this unit looked promising. I'm no longer going to put in for unit 270 since I hear it's on a downward trend and drawing that tag is like winning the lotto . I hear unit 130 is very difficult to hunt with very steep terrain but i guess if you know what your doing and put in your time you might have a chance at a monster. Any info would be great... Thanks

Bitterroot Bulls

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Apr 25, 2011
I have been in that unit, and it is severely rugged. The tag is only good in the Mission Mountain Wilderness area outside the Flathead Indian Reservation. There are low numbers of deer, but some good bucks are in there. If you check with FWP the success rate for 130-50 varies between 1 and 4 successful hunters out of the 10 yearly tags. Hard hunters are rewarded, but not with book deer. The Eastman's MRS lists it as a blue-chip unit, noting some book deer have recently come out of Flathead County. The MRS also says it is in the Swan Range. That info is not accurate. The 130-50 tag is good exclusively in the Mission Range and only in Missoula and Lake Counties, which don't have a lot of book entries. The North Fork of the Flathead has a reputation for big deer and is in Flathead County, which has produced some tremendous mulies, even recently. A large portion of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex is also in Flathead County. I still think 130-50 is a good tag, but it is no 270 or 261.

Also in the MRS they played down the Rocky Mountain Front tag, citing Private Land issues. What they don't mention is some of the best hunting in that unit is on the Boone and Crockett Club's Teddy Roosevelt Memorial Ranch, which is open to hunters that draw the tag. Some really good bucks have come out of there.


I live near 270 and 261, and spend a lot of time in those units. If anyone draws those tags, I could help with some hints.
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