Turmoil over the Lander One Shot


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Aug 14, 2014
That is amazing! He didn't even mention the fact that it's a "men only" hunt. As far as the Shoshone Indians, I'm sure they really like the part where the losers dress as squaws or so called "indian maidens".


Jan 8, 2016
Worland WY
My response was below. I probably should have thought about it alittle more and not just fired it off.

Nor is yours, but thank you for your response. Even if we have
different views of this hunt, I do appreciate you taking the time to
respond to my email.

Of the 200,000 total licenses a year that Wyoming issues, how many are
for antelope and are in the same management areas that the one shot
hunt has access to? How hard is it for a resident or non-resident
hunter to draw an antelope tag in one of these units.

Honoring the ancient Shoshone, you must mean the losers of the hunt
dressing up as Indian maidens? Come on........by the way, ask the
Shoshone, the whole one arrow thing is a myth. If you truly want to honor
the Shoshone, the hunt should be done with archery equipment.

I do see in your email how important this event is to the town of
Lander. Using state recourses, i.e. big game tags for a nice town
event or public relations with the Shoshone is a tough sell though.

2 million is great, but one shot has been around for 77 years. That
is 26,000 dollars a year.

Range improvement is great. But one shot needs to evolve. Include
women in the hunt, or develop a similar hunt for women. Please don't
cite a women's only jack rabbit hunt, in no way are they similar.
Maybe there is a future for one shot, but not in its current form.

If you are in favor of the one shot, just say so, but please don't
cite skewed reasons to keep this hunt in its current form.


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Jun 7, 2015
Appleton, Wisconsin
Rep. Allen merely justifies the unjustifiable. Typical political double speak. CYA. Obfuscate until the masses find another cause to uprise against. This is discrimination against resident and non-resident alike, women and men, native americans, tax payers, the non-hunting public and an affront to common sense. When we will send a message to our representatives that we're done with this baloney and we will band together to replace them with politicians that listen to our voices. There is power in numbers.