Turkey's, let's see them


Jan 31, 2016
In the woods.
Dang, guess I better pay more attention and scroll down when I come to this forum I never new this turkey section was here. Congrats to everyone posting a bird for the spring 2016 season


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Apr 7, 2011
West Side, MoMo
Was pretty busy during turkey season, and never got around to posting pics. Did real well in Missouri, hunting for a total of just a few hours to kill 2 birds. I missed the first 2 weeks of the Kansas season, but still started off real good when I finally got there, killing a bird in the first few hours of my first hunt, he came in with another tom, and I decided to not double, which ended up being a big mistake. Hunted 3 more days in Kansas, having 14 different toms within 60 yards, most of those came within 40, but I never could put it together. I've got no desire to shoot one at 40, so I ended up one shy of a two state limit.

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