Trinity County California Non-Typical


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Jun 9, 2011
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I normally hunt Blacktails the last week of the California Zone B-2 season. That is always a waiting game hoping a late season storm will drive some of the of the larger mountain dwelling Blacktails down into the foothills. By comparison, the early season offers a chance at resident deer in balmy temperatures. This year, I was offered a chance at an early season hunt, and jumped at the chance! Pre-hunt scouting disclosed a non-typical. Maybe not the biggest NT, but I had never seen a non-typical Blacktail before, and I wanted this one. His horns were not overly long, and the additional tines gave him the appearance of sporting a butch haircut, reminiscent of the sixties. Two days of watching and searching, and I had my chance. One bullet from my 25/06 Encore ended the chase for The Butch. My wife commented that it must have been a tough hunt because the deer and I both have the same expression on our face!Non-Typical with 25-06 Encore.jpg2017-NT-Blackrail-003.jpgNon-Typical.jpg


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Feb 11, 2014
I have a B-2 tag also. I'll be down the last week of the season. I have life long friends that live and hunt there. I'd be tickled to find his twin!!! Congratulations!!


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Mar 4, 2012
Bucket list buck for me.
A big trophy blacktail is the sketchiest of all critters pre rut, congrats on a very fine trophy.