Thoughts on Browning White/Gran/Feather Lightning


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Nov 9, 2022
I am looking pretty hard at the Feather Lightning in 16ga.

This will solely be used for hunting upland, no trap. Does anyone have a newer Feather Lightning, White Lightning or Gran Lightning in 16 or 20ga?

What are everyone's thoughts and experiences so far? Thanks everyone!

Snagged a 20ga 28" Feather Lightning, can't wait!
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I just struggle paying 2k for something with wood that looks like it was cut down from the Lowe's 2x4 department.

The Feather Lightning and Gran Lightning have higher wood grade and it shows.
I'm using Weatherby Deluxe right now(decent semi auto shotgun, got it from ), wood quality is okay, but nowhere close to Browning.
It's a really good investment in my book(2.5 gran for shotgun might sound a bit high).
Good choice to go with 20ga over 16, gonna be so much easier to find ammo :D

P.S Nice photos, man this stock is looking HOT!