Thermos Test / Old School Stanley vs RTIC


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Jul 3, 2013
Useful info. I have a Stanley and Yeti. RTIC result would likely be similar to the Yeti. Did you happen to get a temperature at the beginning and end? Thanks


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Apr 23, 2013
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RTIC kept hot coffee 2.5 hours longer. Wasnt even a close comparison.

1) 25 degree out side air temp
2) warmed up with boiling water for 5 minutes each.
3) filled to the top. No air left inside.

Mine is the Stanley. Son has the RTIC. He was opening his to heavy steam rising out of it. Mine had zero.

How much does each hold? If not the same amount test is flawed. I don't use big thermoses since I retired but carry a 1 pint in my hunting and fishing day packs every time. I have found a huge difference in thermoses. The best one pint stainless thermos I have found and swear by is a "Thermos" brand.
Pro tip # 319, I found that better than putting boiling water in to heat the thermos first. Heat the coffee up to boiling before putting it in the thermos and then sealing the lid.
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Feb 3, 2014
I have used comparable Yeti models and generally speaking, the bigger the Rambler the longer it holds the heat.