The Sig BDX System Giveaway!


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Mar 1, 2020
So I’m think about getting into shooting longer distances (4-500 yards with 5.56), and found a good price (I think) on the Sig 3.5-10x scope with a matching rangefinder that all seems to communicate through Bluetooth with a smartphone to tie them together. I love gadgets (it’s a disease), so this would tick two boxes in my quest to spend my kids’ inheritance.
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Aug 8, 2012
South Texas
That system works well, I put it on my kids 243 this fall and shot targets with it out 400. If you can get a chronograph or a magneto speed it will make setting up much easier. Of course, all the deer my kids shot with it were less than 100 yards, but my 10 year old did use it to nail a Javelina at 283 yards. Range it, hold for the red dot and boom. I picked mine up from Midway on a “blemished”sale last year for $315.



Nov 9, 2011
Wait until you see the BDX 2.0. I just wrote a review of it in the Apr/May issue of EHJ. It has the same features, plus they've made it easier to set up if you don't have all the components to it yet or don't intend to get too techy with your setup. The biggest thing is their new connecting system they call the QuickBOND and also you can use one of the BDX scopes with 9 new reticle options you can choose from with a setting....pretty amazing.