The Memes Thread!


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Mar 9, 2014
I didn’t agree with everything 45 did. However putting him in jail will not fix the shit show of the past two years of current administration. This country is in the worst shape since Carter.

You’ve got a real infatuation with him for some eerie reason…..
It’s hard to believe you’re actually enjoying the current state of affairs.

Yell Co AR Hunter

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Dec 10, 2015
Yell County Arkansas
While my cable TV has been out the past few days. I have been live streaming NBC Now. The anchor and correspondent reporting the story on Trump raid referred to President Trump as Mr Trump. I have never heard a prior president called Mr. Just another move to tear him down. They will not be happy till he is hanging on a cross. I am fed up with this. People like GR8 need to go.
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