That’s a wrap for ‘21-22


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Aug 8, 2012
South Texas
Just finished up my last whitetail hunting weekend of the year, my wife and I didn’t find anything we wanted to shoot but the kids did alright. Both kids ate mule deer tags and me an elk tag. Got a few of the kids’friends their first deer, my brother his first buck in almost 30 years., and my buddy’s daughter her first buck. Not to mention everyone’s two Javelinas, including one my son shot with a pistol yesterday evening, and maybe a dozen hogs. Good season all in all.F06FB5C2-48A3-4B06-8298-0AFDCA5CD119.jpeg27BA9C47-1251-4308-9529-52D4D6EA70DB.jpegCF8E3694-4CD9-46D6-8B4F-744832DB3CF0.jpegAA0BF6EF-D71E-4FF3-906D-89965889175A.jpeg8279B2B8-BADB-4950-B5D0-6CDA6DDF3355.jpeg3EDF7E7D-D446-4B47-9168-230FF60464C1.jpegDC5C515F-52AA-4CCD-8852-ED940F4A21F6.jpegF06FB5C2-48A3-4B06-8298-0AFDCA5CD119.jpegD0C8F2A3-F92E-4DA1-9D51-543F41A94EAD.jpegA28CB077-D678-47E1-B1F7-373E94F215F5.jpegCE92B471-69DA-4C7C-885B-117416673DE8.jpeg