Tent Recommendations


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Sep 30, 2011
Lewistown, MT
I haven't had a chance to get out again to look for any goats, hopefully this weekend. If you do decide to head up this way let me know and we can meet up.


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Jun 10, 2012
One of my biggest consideration when picking a tent is "useable" space. Many of the tents mentioned above have angled side walls with limited amount of room that actually can be used. You may want to crawl inside a few models so you get a feel for what I'm talking about. If you hunt locations with decent weather and spend little time in a tent it may not matter but if you are heading to Alaska or other areas where you may be stuck in a tent for 1 to a few days it can get quite cramped. My preference is verticle side walls for maximum use of space. Another consideration is what type of weather you expect? Again, if you intend on spending time in Alaska or anywhere else where it rains much it's fairly important to have double rather than single walls (fly plus inner tent) with possibly a tub floor and footprint. Single tents generally have condensation problems. It also is nice to have a tent/fly with vents on 2 ends for air flow. As you mentioned a fairly large vestibule is also nice for gear, weapon, drying clothes, etc.

I almost exclusively use a 4 season tent. That way I have a bomber=proof tent for winter hunting and use the fly set up alone for ultra-light spike camps in early to late fall. My 3 person fly setup with a painters cloth plastic only weighs around 3 lbs and can withstand pretty much hurricane winds, snow, sleet, and rain! . It is lighter weight and more than double the useable space of most of the tents mentioned above. I also have a 2 person tent and the fly setup weighs close to 2 lbs! Some hardcore hunters are finally starting to pick up on the 4 season fly deal. It's an amazing way to go!

You usually get what you pay for so I would recommend quality! I would rather buy an almost new quality brand tent off Craigslist or Ebay than a brand new cheapie!
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