Teal hunt

Doe Nob

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Feb 21, 2011
Houston, TX
Went last Saturday east of Houston. It was like 87 degrees at 5 am, just been brutally hot here in September.

Teal hunting down here all the rice has yet to be cut and there's a lot of people who want to get out on Saturdays. So not as many places to go as when regular season rolls around in Nov. Large parties stacked on top of each other is the norm. We ended up with 9 guns in the blind and only shot 11 birds (limit of 54). Saw plenty of birds, they just didn't work well, but zero wind. I mean dead calm and I think that really hurt us.

HOWEVER, took my 5 year old. It was his first duck hunt and he brought his bb gun and shot at the decoys. So even though not the best bird killing trip, it was a good memory all the same.



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Jun 9, 2011
Peoples Republik of Kalifornia
Most fun teal hunting that I ever had was in the flooded grass flats adjacent to the Red River above Lake Texoma. I had an old 12 gauge Browning Auto 5 with a 26" improved cylinder barrel that was absolute death on decoying teal using Remington long brass #7 1/2. Never lacked for teal in the freezer doing those days.

Colorado Cowboy

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Jun 8, 2011
Dolores, Colorado
We used to do a late evening teal hunt at the Salton Sea in California a lot. They really didn't start flying until it was almost after shooting time. One time 3 of us were banging away at Teal until it was pitch black, couldn't hardly see them. Shoot and listen for the splash of the duck hitting the water. We came in and a warden was at camp. He said you boys were shooting mighty late. He ran his fingers up & down the barrel of my 20 ga 870 (it was cold....thank God) and asked if it was us. We said NO, it was someone in a boat near us. He bought it....man we were lucky. We were all kids around 18, I often thought he gave is a break and we learned a lesson!