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Feb 13, 2014
My introduction. 3 days late. My name is trent. I live in Motley MN with my wife Erica and 15 mouth old son porter and another kid on its way in June. I'm 33 love to Muskie fish, bow hunt and run dogs on the yots to help out our deer population. I work on outboards for a living. I love hunting out west. If I could live in Wyoming I would but its not always up to me. Me and my wife hunt whitetail and bear in MN. I got her into bow hunting and she loves it the first deer she got with her bow was a 120 8pt. Was just as good to see her get it as if it would of been me. Have been to Wyoming hunting 5 times 3 for deer 1 for antelope and in the last mouth went to help a older friend of mine get him to the tree for his monition lion. Was at this time one of the coolest hunts I've been part of. Last fall took the boat to Ontario for a week to hunt whitetail had some trips before that scouting and found sheds. only got one deer out of four but it was 140 inches. So I try to hunt and get around as much as I can. Sitting at home hunting is not as fun as hunting new places if I can afford to. Think I'm going to start running bobcat in my home state and maybe if I get some good dogs I'm going to keep going to Wyoming lion hunting. Putting in for point in Wyoming for deer, antelope and elk with my wife. Plus putting in for points for high country mule deer in Colorado at this time. Been mostly hunting in carbon county Wyoming. In the last 5 year I've got back in to hunting more because of my wife. Before I started dating her all I want to do was Muskie fish and guide for musky. Over the years I got burned out on the fishing and started hunting more. Now it's getting out there and doing hunts and different hunt so when my kids gets older they will get to do things I never did when I was a kid. My dad didn't have much time for hunting with having 10 kids and running the farm. So I was so glad that my best friends dad and step dad took me deer and coyote hunting when I was young. Here is the deer we got from Canada. 116.jpg
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Feb 1, 2012
Bend, Or
Welcome, sounds like you stay plenty busy. Nice Whitetail too! You ever feel the need to have a Blacktail on the wall look me up!