Spotting scope: angled vs straight eye piece

Feb 22, 2011
Spotting scope advice needed

I am looking at purchasing a new spotting scope that is a compact model. I haven't used spotting scopes a lot due to the areas I usually hunt not being open enough to use them. If I were wanting to get a compact scope with a small tripod would everyone recommend a straight or angled eye piece and why? Thanks for all of your advice guys.
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Feb 22, 2011
I've contemplated this much... And I've had both. My preference is straight as I can get on the object a lot quicker. If you're a bird watcher or will constantly be looking up from valleys for goats, the angled would probably work best for you. Straight typically packs a little easier in the pack as well. Just my .02c though...


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Feb 21, 2011
I think you are right on the money there Archer32. In my experience the straight is a little bit more user friendly. It also works better out of a truck window. The angled is a nightmare in that scenario.


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Feb 21, 2011
I have used spotting scopes for 55 years hunting. I find the straight is faster to find game. I believe because the straight is more like looking thru your scope and most hunters have perfected looking at game and then throwing up the gun and finding it in the scope quickly. Same with a spotting scope. Guy for sure is right about the angle in the truck window. While scouting for antelope or MD in your outfit the angle doesn't work! Hey on a tripod go and check out my Blog on I use a really light one for backpacking it workers will. I did a evaluation on the tripod. That's my two cents. Mike


Mar 10, 2011
+1 straight. I find it easy to lose my animal when I look at my binos and then try to look back into the angles.


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Feb 28, 2011
I like an angled eye piece for one reason only i hunt with my step son and we almost always set up to glass. that being said i am 5'8" and he is almost 6'4" with out moving any thing heighth wise we can turn the scope by a knobe on the side and the angled eye piece goes from pointing up to a 90 degree angle so either one of us can look at the same view


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Mar 17, 2011
I have used both and prefer the angled over the straight. If your spotter has the collar that allows you to rotate the scope then it is no problem out of the truck window. Try looking up hill with a straight spotter for awhile and you will appreciate how much easier it is to do with an angled one. I just think the angled spotters with the collar such as the zeiss are more versatile.


Mar 29, 2011
I like the angled eyepiece personaly I find it much more comforatable to look down and glass for long periods of time than to look straight forward. And to look up a steep mountain it is easier as well. I do agree that out of a truck it doesnt work. I hear with the swaros though if you turn them to the side you can use them out of the truck I havn't tried yet. and as for as locating game with them it takes a little getting use to, I have to refamilierize myself every year but ounce I am I can get on game just as fast as anyone.


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Apr 10, 2011
I was going to ask that question but you just answered it for me. Looks like I'll also be buying a straight scope. Thanks for the info and insight!