Sons first elk!!!


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Nov 30, 2014
Thanks everyone!
We just finished cutting and wrapping, he definitely filled ther freezer!! Now that I have a little more time here's the story.

We spotted this group the night before season and watched them till dark. Next morning we glassed them up at the same spot, we were able to get the truck to just over a mile away before we had to hike in. Up and down a few draws and we had a couple stragglers from the herd at about 300 yards, which I didn't feel good about the shot, even though he was ringing steel at 300, I just felt the excitement would get the best of him and miss. We waited till the rest dropped over the hill, made a couple hundred swing and get in front of the herd. As the lead cow came out he got settled in for the shot, and the elk did their part holding still. Made two pack trips, my boy took a front plus a loin each trip, he did great in hauling in the heat of the day!


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Nov 1, 2012
NE ohio
That's how it's done. Remember to give him credit a time or two at the dinner table, as well.

I do this with my kids . If cook backstraps over the fire for a get together i always wait until i say thank you to them until most of the people around can hear. That usually starts a chain reaction of gratitude. They can't hold their smiles in .