so what do you use for lunches on your backpack hunts?


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Sep 5, 2012
I found a company that makes MRE sandwiches, I got BBQ beef and chicken, they also have a pepperoni and pizza-ish one, but those didn't sound appetizing to me.

They're shelf stable for five+ years, which is a bonus.

A sandwich, a Probar and Orange Gatorade mixed with Lime Starbucks Refresher.

But, those peanut butter, honey and bacon sandwiches are AWESOME - somebody on here gave me the idea and I tried one, I have been wanting to make another one just because it's so good.


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Feb 26, 2011
Kamas, Utah
I like bagels with Swiss cheese, pepperoni and salami. Trail mix, jerky and some pop tarts.

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Feb 3, 2014
[video] z[/video]

Here is the video we did.

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Jan 29, 2012
Add some honey to that pb & b and its meal time! My wife makes homemade fruit roll ups that are dynamite quick energy!
Pass on the homemade fruit roll up receipt if its not a family secret......that sounds just awesome!


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Jan 26, 2015
I tried peanut butter/bacon/bagel last week. Just threw the remainders away this morning. Comparable to biting off a piece of my boot sole and chewing it.
I'll stick with costco trail mix, nugo bars, and sweet/salty bars.
The key is good bagels, crunchy peanut butter and thick cut bacon. I also add honey and mix it up with different bagel flavors like blue berry and cinnamon raisin. Not for everybody though.


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Lunch always ends up being the heaviest (in weight) meal that I pack. Oatmeal and such for breakfast is light, dehydrated meals for dinner are light as well.

The lunch and snacks for the day usually look like this:
Snickers mini with almonds (2)
An apple or orange, they weight a fair amount, but I just like something fresh and refreshing
Cliff bar or Gatorade chewy things
bagel, tortillas, crackers or hard roll
cheese and salami (or whatever I can bring that will do ok without refrigeration)


Nov 19, 2013
Mountain House Review

I know these are usually used for dinners, however I have heated them up for lunch and then saved some for dinner.
That was a good review.

My problem at altitude, usually do in part to being partially dehydrated, is not having an appetite at all. So with that said I bring things I know I'll eat, and save the "must get protein or complex carbs" for dinners.

I graduate my lunches from perishable items such as salami and a brick of cheese early in the week (easier to stretch when we hit mid October) to energy bars later in the week.

I also have been starting to take the JIF on the go, individual peanut butter cups, over the last few trips---I spread them on granola bars.


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May 18, 2015
Eastern Oregon
Last week we ate Starkist Tuna packs and a pack of Ramen Noodles. Finished with a couple paydays, granola bars, or some crackers. I was pleased with the Tuna packs...19g Protein, 110 Calories, and 2.6 oz. Hickory Smoked was my favorite, and they are very compact for packing. View attachment 10563
I use the Tuna packs also. I carry pre-packaged cheese crackers and top them with the tuna. Filling and easy. I seem to do better with meat protein opposed to grains and nuts, although I do carry a special trail mix I make up myself from the bulk food section.


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Mar 24, 2012
SE Idaho
good ideas. breakfast and dinner are my sit down meals where I fill up. lunch is usually trail mix with nuts and whatever else I put in it and I eat it on the go or while glassing or whenever I need some fast energy.