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Feb 22, 2011
Reno Nv
After a strong response in our forum poll for a place to buy and sell used hunting gear. This is the place to do it!

In order to keep this as simple as possible here are the rules you need to follow:

1. To sell here you must have at least 50 posts. This is great place, stick around a while and get to know the guys you are buying or selling to. If you choose to sell to someone with fewer than 50 posts that is at the sellers risk.

2. You are buying and selling at your own risk. Eastmans' Publishing, Inc. is not responsible for your broken deal. We will not be responsible for the loss of property or money that happens if you make a bad deal.

3. WE strongly encourage every deal to be made using Paypal for your protection. The paypal fees stink, but we want you to be able to dispute your deal if necessary. Protect yourself, we cannot and will not chase down money for a bad deal you got into.

4. If you choose to do a deal for cash, money order, or check, you are accepting the risk of losing money. We are not liable for your decision to enter into a deal to exchange money for gear with anyone!

5. By posting an ad in this section you are agreeing to our terms and conditions!

6. This is for private buyers and sellers. If we find out that you are a retailer selling gear or clearance items you will immediately be banned!

7. NO firearm sales or ammo

8. When you post an item you MUST have a list price and description. This is not an auction site, don't post up prices from offers you have received to drive your price up. If you do that we will remove your post no questions asked. Do it more than once and you will get to sit out of the forum for 30 days.