Rifle holster for pack


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Jul 9, 2018
I've used the Kifaru Gun Bearer and it's pretty adaptable to any pack. It's also pretty cheap.

I think it depends on your needs and hunting style. "Run and gun" needs a different holster than "spike out and stake out a watering hole at dusk". I thought for years I wanted something that would give me quick access (gun bearer came closest) but lately I've been having REALLY good luck with my Eberlestock J34 Just One. That has an integrated rifle carrier sleeve that's not exactly quick access, but I can get it out in about a minute, taking off the pack and using it as a rest. Elk are my primary target these days and they're less about snapshot setups than 200yd setups where you have a minute or two to really think it through...

This is a huge personal preference thing. If you do want quick access, the Gun Bearer is hard to beat...
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