Reloder-16, Reloder-22, Reloder-26 Q&A


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Apr 25, 2016
Cedar Rapids, IA
Here is a chart of velocities I posted in another thread, but its worth posting here because of its relevancy to Reloder-16:

This is taken with an early 1980s vintage Model 70 featherweight 22" barrel, using Fed 210 primers, Reloder-16, Speer 145 BTSP, CBTO=2.702". We did all this last month before heading to WY to hunt mule deer.

This is a list of the powder charges for the velocities in the chart. We used an F1 Chrony and a Magnetospeed to chrono the loads; both instruments agreed within a few FPS; these recorded measurements all were with the Magnetospeed. The velocity curve is generally gradual, consistent, and acceptable to me for a 22" barrel.

51.4 2,709
51.7 2,730
52.0 2,764
52.3 2,773
52.6 2,786
52.9 2,792
53.2 2,797
53.5 2,838
53.8 2,853

This is the target resulting from the load ladder, as can be seen, elevation is fairly consistent as the velocities went up and grouped in the last 4-5 shots, off to the right side of the target.

As I'm a busy guy with 7 kids, with some that need a 'lil more support than might be normal, my load development proceeds at a snail's pace, due to limited time at this season of my life. I don't have a pretty picture like 'CCs yet, but I strive and hope to get close, or at least zero in on the best this rifle is capable of.

This is where I had to leave things for now, just under 2 MOA, after 1 round of messing with seating depth (25 thous off jam CBTO):20191017_200028.png
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Feb 22, 2011

Based upon the ladder data you posted, I would look specifically in the 52.6 to 53.2 gr. I assume you conducted the ladder test to determine a potential accuracy node and I believe with the data provided, that's where you should find an accurate load.

Good luck!