Reasearching for next years youth elk hunt

Kevin W

Jan 26, 2013
Hello Guys and Gals,
As many of you know my 14 yr old son drew a nonresident elk tag in Wyoming this year. After 9 months of research and help from many forum members I took him to the Sierra Madres and Snowys for archery season. The trip we just took was an absolute success; We heard our first elk bugle (pretty cool) saw a cow elk (pretty cool) and came home as honestly expected with an unfilled tag. My son trout fished the small stream near camp and the 8 and 10 inch brookies thrilled him to no end!!! He was also able to take one spruce grouse with his 22; Kenny was thrilled with that as well.
For me The enormity of the mountain land available to hunt was amazing. The number of camps and hunters was overwhelming at times. While I understand the # of non residents with this tag is limited the # of residents is not limited and from what I saw quite high.
So knowing my son is 14 I figure he has a couple seasons in which he can apply for a non resident youth hunt / tag. Would anyone have any thoughts (via pm or post) on a youth hunt we can consider? All states are open and Cow or Bull either one will be considered. Thanks in advance!!! Kevin Wbrookie.jpgspruce grouse.jpg


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Apr 26, 2013
Colorado, was Az.
Hey Kevin W.... Arizona has ( draw ) youth hunts. Looks as though there were 1,212 tags antlerless-only available for this past draw. Perhaps look into for next year on Az game and fish website. Just a thought...


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Mar 9, 2011
Laramie WY
I think the warmer than usual September had a lot more archers in the field. I couldn't believe how many hunters I saw. I called in 3 hunters and 0 elk. Good luck in the future.

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