Power Pot

Kevin Root

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Jun 22, 2011
San Jose, California
Some cool innovation for sure. I like some of the options but there are some positive and negative depending on how and where you like to camp or hunt. It would be cool to see the break out and the advantages and disadvantages and weights.

The Biolite looks cool but then I'm having to get a wood fire going for power and cooking which seems to me like it takes more time and effort than just turning on and off the gas stove. On the plus side I'm not having to carry fuel. When using wood as my fuel, I have to make sure I find it, or carry it and keep it dry from rain or if I am in a damp humid environment. Fires are nice to sit around but I go in wilderness areas and national parks at times too and some don't allow wood stoves or using them and finding fuel at higher elevations above 9,600 ft.

I'd be interested how much charge you can get out of the Power Pot. I typically just use my stove for a quick boil and I'm not sure I'd get a real good charge the way I typically use my stove.

I kind of like the solar still, just letting the sun do all the work, no mess to clean up but solar is dependent on getting enough sun. I like having options though and like seeing the innovation.


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Apr 1, 2012
$.02 on the Power Pot. Useful for finding power when the sun is not available. Not a bad way to get a meal ready and be getting the charging done. You need to keep it boiling full and hot to get enough good charge and the coil will burn up if you put a substance like chill in the pot. The chill is too thick and does not allow the pot to function correctly so you are left using it for water.