OTC unit 70, 711 help


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Feb 21, 2021
i am looking at doing an OTC hunt in unit 70, 711 for second rifle this year. I am looking at all the stats and info i can find online, but the truth is, nothing beats real info from people that hunt and are willing to help a guys out with general info. I live in NM so scouting is not really an option for me so i have to scout online and with maps and stuff i find online. If anyone is willing to help with general info and post it or private message me it would be greatly appreciated. im not lookign for a honey hole, just a general idea of what areas to try to scout on my maps and online. Thank you in advance for letting me ask for your help.


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Jun 8, 2011
Dolores, Colorado
I live next to 711 and very near 70 and have hunted both units for deer & elk. They are separate tags altho 711 is combined with 71. Both are different types of country. I believe 711/71 offer more opportunity for otc success. Unit 70 has lots of pressure (as does 71/711) during archery, BP & ist rifle season and most of the elk move to private land (there is a lot in 70) where the hunting pressure is way less. 71/711 gets more pressure than 70 in the otc hunts for this exact reason. It will really be a tough hunt in either of you choices without scouting.

Let me know if you decide to apply for one of them and I'll offer some suggestions via PM.

Good luck!