Oregon Blacktails

Umpqua Hunter

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May 26, 2011
North Umpqua, Oregon
OR Archer: Yep, actually up the North Umpqua. Guess the name kinda gives it away...lol. Do you hunt the late blacktail hunt? We don't have that season in our unit, which makes killing the best bucks pretty difficult.

OR Archer

May 27, 2011
Eugene, OR
Yep I love the late season hunt. I try and make it down south for the opener since its a week earlier than around here. Id die for them to open the Dixon unit up for the late season. Never understood why it isn't included in the hunt. Ive seen some pigs while elk hunting up river there.

Roseburg is my hometown so I try and stop in there when I can.

Joe Hulburt

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Mar 14, 2011
Oregon Coast
Here is an Oregon Blacktail I got on my Bushnell last fall.....

Here is one my son killed up the North Umpqua a few years back!

And my best archery blacktail (from back when mustaches were cool!) also from the North Umpqua country....