Opening day Buck


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Feb 23, 2011
I was excited that it was opening day for rifle season and I was ready. Last season went well so the anticipation was high. The north/east part of A zone is known to be hot and dry, this year is no different. I went right back to a ridge that I hunted last year opening day because I saw a group of three mature blacktail deer and they have been on my mind. As I crested the ridge top at first light after a 1,000 ft elevation gain I immediately started seeing game. I proceeded to hunt the top dropping off both sides periodically to check the fingers and gaps. This produced a small forked horn and many does and fawns. After doing this for 4/12 hours it was getting hot with the sun leaving less shadows.

On my way back I was being lazy/loud and jumped a buck at about forty yards and he came up behind me. I had walked past this buck. He trotted off before I got a good look at him. I pursued him for a while but never caught up to him. I was upset with myself for not being alert on my hike back. We all know the feeling of what could have been. Hoping for another opportunity on my walk back I was down but not out. Somehow, not another two hundred yards further I jumped another buck at 15 yards. He came out prancing, which quickly turning into full out sprint but I had room. I got a round in him immediately to slow him down. I quickly followed up with two more shots from my trusty 30-06 which did the job. I was thrilled and just blown away at how this happened. The experience of a mature buck that close was awesome. When he jumped up like that it was a magnificent sight that I will never forget.

I guess this means I will be in the same spot opening day for many years to come.PXL_20210814_190048546.MP_2.jpg

I am so lucky to see many deer on this wonderful morning of deer hunting. Spotted 13 in all. This buck also had more fat reserve then any other deer that I've ever taken. I thought strange since this is the hottest and driest year ever in my area. Hope you all have a good hunt this season.
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