NM 16D rifle guide


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Dec 11, 2017

I live in NM and the outfitters and guides are all out to make money. I personally would not use them because none of them give any guarantees and you don't know they actually scout and find any bulls for you. Most will send a guide and that, is that. The gila is awesome and I would just save the $$$, and try to go 2 days before the hunt to scout on your own. You will find bulls in the gila, and lots. Some big, some small......

It will be fun but I would do DIY, and save some money. You will get one, and if your lucky maybe a trophy....
i drew 16d rifle this year...im a nm resident....as hard as this hunt is to draw i will be going with a guide ive hunted with before in 16e which was unsucessful...yeah they are there to make money just like us...ive hunted from the yukon to south tex...you just gotta know somebody... ive learned it on $6500 elk hunt on q creek in wyo.. 270 bull...ive drawn 6b muzzle gotta 338... wy wife let a 6b 375 walk away...she got a 300...both guided...im a resident far away from elk in nm...i wouldnt know how to pick a good outfitter based on the internet...if i ever drew 6b i would go with eddie ortega...ifi ever drew the gila i would go with bud womack...im 67 and about done
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