My Wife Drew AZ Desert Sheep in 44B North!

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May 26, 2011
North Umpqua, Oregon
Hi everyone! It's been forever since I have been on here. I have been buried with building our new home on the North Umpqua River here in Oregon.

Knowing my year would be very full, my wife and I only applied for "dream tags" this year. Well, on the last draw of the year for us, my card was charged by AZGFD for a sheep tag on my birthday! Since I had just moved into the max point pool last year, everyone was pretty sure I drew. We were shocked when we learned it was my wife's tag with only 13 points. She drew tag #1 out of two tags for 44B North! Last year a 180, 179 and 173 ram were taken. The hunt is just east of Quartzsite in the Plumosa Mountains and is the entire month of December. We will be arriving about two weeks before the opener. I'm off to a good start with research, but if you have any ideas for us, or even fun stuff to see or do in the area, I would love to hear about it, even stuff to do on a day off. :)

I'm looking for good meat processor in So Cal near Ontario. We will be headed home that way to visit friends and family.
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Jan 6, 2014
East of town there is access that goes south of I-10 . We were a few miles from 10 and found some old mine shafts that go down several hundred feet. In that area there was a seep coming out of the mountain and we saw sheep using that. Might be general info but thats all I got.


Feb 28, 2016
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Lucky for Her! I am Resident and have 30 Points and at 66 don't know if it will ever happen. Only 7 Points drew me a trophy Elk early rifle Bull tag Though. Stuff happens Good Luck . I don't know that Unit..............................BOB!