My WI archery 10 point

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Oct 6, 2015
Deer Number 11 for calendar 2019 (8 of them were suburban nuisance/cull tags for the city). I took this ten point yesterday morning. Based on the feedback Ive been getting about the excessive blood in my photos on social media (which is perfectly natural and expected in bowhunting) I cleaned up the blood and dragged the deer to fresh snow for the pictures. I was so focused on bloodless photos, I never thought to take a picture with me and the buck.

I started the euro mount right away in the morning after hanging the buck and before I went to bed it was cleaning up pretty well.

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Muley bound

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Mar 12, 2013
Solid buck man! Just curious, what metro area are you hunting? I work all over the Milwaukee area, and most people would be surprised at the size of the bucks around the city. Some real giants!
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